About Us

The Rift Alliance Group, is a leading global financial institution that delivers a broad range of financial services across investment banking, securities, investment management and consumer banking to a large and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals.

Who We Are

With approximately $5.2 billion in assets under management, and an over 10-year heritage as a global owner and operator, we focus on investing in the backbone of the global economy, and are committed to supporting and enhancing the communities in which we operate.

We put our own capital to work alongside our partners’ in virtually every transaction, aligning interests and bringing the strengths of our operational expertise, global reach and large-scale capital to bear on everything we do.

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investments globally

Leveraging Our Operating Expertise

Our experience as owners and operators enables us to effectively enhance cash flows, increase the value of our investments and produce solid long-term returns for our investors.

On-the-Ground Insights

Well-resourced operations in strategic locations around the world provide real-time market intelligence and bottom-up investment insights.

Hands-On Operations

Our integrated teams of seasoned operational professionals take an active role in maximizing the performance of our assets and businesses.

Comfort with Complexity

Across market cycles, we have built an expertise in executing large, creative transactions and managing ongoing growth projects to drive value.

Investing on a Value Basis

We seek to deliver attractive long-term returns and provide strong downside protection for our investors—including pension plans, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, insurance companies and the private wealth channel.

Contrarian View

We recognize that generating attractive returns often requires seeking out assets, businesses, markets and sectors that are out of favor or experiencing periods of distress.

Focus on Quality

We are disciplined in acquiring high-quality assets and businesses that we believe can provide strong downside protection across market cycles.

Patient Approach

We take a long-term view in deploying capital but are ready to act decisively when the right opportunities emerge.

Sustainability at Our Core

We are more than simply an investor—we are active participants in industries and economies around the world, and committed to the long-term health of these local markets.

“Sustainability is in the fabric of our

DNA. It is fundamental to our business

and how we create value.”


A set of fundamental shifts in 2020 profoundly impacted the financial services sector. The demand for sustainable solutions and green finance rose to new highs. Interest rates are expected to remain lower for longer. And the Covid-19 outbreak increased our customers’ propensity and preference to engage digitally.

The current stage of our strategic plan responds to those shifts and aligns to our new purpose, values and ambition. It has four key pillars.

Focus on our strengths

To achieve our ambition, we are focusing on the areas where we have distinctive capabilities. This pillar of our strategy outlines where we are prioritising our efforts and investing for the future. We aim to:

  • Be the global leader in cross-border banking flows aligned to major trade and capital corridors
  • Lead the world in serving mid market corporates globally
  • Become a market leader in Wealth management, with a particular focus on U.S.A, Europe and Asia
  • Invest at scale domestically where HSBC’s opportunity is greatest

Energise for growth

This pillar of our strategy outlines how we are energising around growth. We want to:

  • Inspire a dynamic culture where the best want to work
  • Encourage an inclusive culture fostering diversity
  • Help colleagues develop future-ready skills
  • Be a simpler, more agile and effective organisation

Digitise at scale

As people lead increasingly digital lives, this pillar of our strategy outlines how we are delivering faster, easier and more secure digital banking . We will:

  • Create and deliver fast, easy, digital customer experiences
  • Partner with technology innovators to enable new customer benefits
  • Ensure our company is resilient and secure
  • Execute with speed and automate at scale

Transition to net zero

We want to do more than simply play our part in the transition to a more sustainable world. This pillar of our strategy outlines how we will help to lead it. We have committed to:

  • Become a net-zero company
  • Support our customers to transition to a low carbon future, especially in carbon challenged industries
  • Accelerate new climate solutions
  • Inspire our customers to invest to support positive change

Our Purpose and Values

Rift Alliances’ mission is to advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity across the globe. Drawing upon over 15 years of experience working with the world’s leading businesses, entrepreneurs, and institutions, we mobilize our people and resources to advance the success of our clients, broaden individual prosperity and accelerate economic progress for all.
Group of people having meeting and disscusing at the office

Our Values Client Service

We lead with a service mindset, enabling us to anticipate and adapt to the needs of our clients and consumers by delivering thoughtful, innovative solutions.


We aspire to nothing less than excellence, consistently striving for exceptional performance and achieving outstanding results for our clients, our shareholders, and our company.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, insisting on transparency and vigilance from our people as we learn from our experiences and make decisions that instill a sense of purpose and pride in our firm.


We prioritize collaboration and value diversity, creating a culture that fosters inclusiveness, teamwork and an entrepreneurial mindset in the pursuit of professional and personal excellence.

OUR EXPERTISECreate a brighter Future together

Our new purpose defines who we are, who our stakeholders are, and the impact we want to have in the world. It’s an evolution. It builds on our legacy and better reflects how we serve the needs of our customers, employees, partners and society

Developing Best Financing Options

Improving Your Business Planning

Financial Modeling and Analytics

Delivering New Financing Solutions

01Leading Companies

Scale industry players that are growing market share

02Attractive Industries

Secular tailwinds with long-term demand

03Experienced Management

Partnership with proven managers who make personally meaningful equity investments with us


BUSINESS METHODOLOGYOutside the box solutions

RA Private Equity

RA private equity provides active asset management solutions to help clients meet their investment objectives

Over the past 10 years, our global investment teams have developed a wide range of product solutions to address clients’ varied and evolving needs. From core and multi-sector investing to more focused mandates.

We offer innovative and differentiated techniques expressly designed to support our clients as they navigate each unique economic cycle. The capabilities of these teams are available through individual strategies or combined in custom-blended solutions.

Modeling and Analytics
Newest Financing Options
Best Financing Solutions


Rift Alliance Women program is a global initiative that fosters economic growth by providing women entrepreneurs around the world with a business and management education, mentoring and networking, and access to capital.
Rift Alliance Women program was founded on the understanding that investing in women entrepreneurs leads to stronger communities and economic growth. By providing a practical business education, mentoring and networking opportunities, and access to capital, 5000 Women has reached thousands of women from over 20 countries to date. Graduates from this program report immediate and sustained business growth. Empowered women lift their entire communities.
We believe that creating opportunity leads to more opportunity.
That’s why, for more than 4 years, we’ve helped thousands of women-led businesses from over 20 countries grow and succeed through access to education, networking and capital.
Since 2012, we’ve trained and empowered women in developing economies, with 70% of program graduates reporting higher revenues and nearly 60% of them creating new jobs in their communities.


Embedded in our culture is a commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion across our organization. This begins at recruitment, continues in leadership training programs and is woven into our policies and procedures. As a global firm, we know that the best ideas come from having people from different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and skills across all businesses, levels of seniority and offices.


Private markets can offer institutional investors an asset class that has historically delivered returns throughout market cycles.
Exposure to assets that are unavailable through public markets.
Potential for excess returns relative to other asset classes.
Long-term historical returns above equities of 3%+1.


OUR EXPERTISEStrategy driven leadership development

We are a creative and strategic company and we offer you fresh ideas for your team and company.

Our goals are to maximize individual potential, increase commercial effectiveness, reinforce the firm’s culture, expand our people’s professional opportunities, and help them contribute positively to their greater communities.

Strategy Consulting99%
Operations Careers99%
Management Consulting99%

Capitalizing on the real-world experience

We help you weather today's uncertainty through our best team.

BUSINESS GROWTHImprove performance and efficiency

A clear strategy developed by us, for all our stakeholders

Our strategy positions Rift Alliance for success over the long term. It builds on our unique footprint, solid financial position, balanced portfolio trusted brand and the skills, strengths and expertise of our people. And, it draws on our purpose and values. These clearly articulate why we are in business and how we set out to achieve our goals, always putting those who depend on us in the center.

Our strengths

We are a balanced and diverse business with unique capabilities. We use our strengths to generate value for our stakeholders and reach our goals.

A solid financial position

We are rated AA–/positive by Standard & Poor’s. Our solid financial position reassures our customers that we will be there when they need us to handle their claims and gives confidence to our shareholders that we are financially stable. It also gives us a well-earned positive reputation as a business and employer, and positions us to invest in future growth.

A balanced business

Our business is balanced both geographically and by products and customer segments. Our strong retail and commercial franchise and flexible operating model means we can weather economic and market volatility and take advantage of industry change.

A trusted brand, talented people

We understand the risks our customers face and can structure offerings that meet their needs. This reinforces our global brand, one of the most valuable in the insurance industry. Our strong reputation allows us to attract the best talent worldwide.

Our targets for 2020-2022



and increasing

Compound organic earnings per share growth2

at least


per annum

Swiss Solvency Test ratio3


or above

Net cash remittances


>2 bn


We see opportunities to grow the business. We will remain cost-driven and continue to simplify the organization. We aim to improve portfolio quality and make better use of capital.

1 Business operating profit after tax return on equity, excluding unrealized gains and losses.
2 Before capital deployment
3 From FY-20 the basis for the Group’s target capital has been changed to the Swiss Solvency Test (SST). Previously the target was based on the Group’s internal Z-ECM basis.

Our business model works to deliver benefits for our stakeholders


Our employees are helping our retail and commercial customers to understand and protect themselves from risk.